Bill Tapia delighted audiences for nearly a century.  He played ukulele masterfully right up until the time he passed away, just before his 104th birthday.

Bill was celebrated worldwide as the “Duke of Uke.” He performed with Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Noble, and many others.

He taught ukulele to Shirley Temple, Clark Gable and many others from Hollywood’s Golden Era.

Throughout the last decade of his career, Bill traveled the world, performing professionally with his best friend, Pat "Palika" Enos. Together, they designed the LIMITED EDITION, custom size TENOR, Bill Tapia Signature Ukulele.

Now also available - the Bill Tapia white CONCERT ukulele.

Bill was excited about his signature instrument.  He entrusted Pat with his legacy, knowing Pat would maintain the highest standards for ukuleles that bear his Bill’s legendary name.  

Now, you can own a piece of the legend.  Built to Bill’s exacting standards, the custom size tenor Bill Tapia ukulele will take you wherever you want to go, musically.  Bill never compromised with his music and neither do his signature ukuleles.

Each instrument is hand-crafted, adheriing to rigorous construction standards to ensure great sound, high quality, and sublime playability.

Best of all, the Bill Tapia Signature Ukulele is surprisingly affordable.

But hurry, this is an extremely limited edition release and supplies are dwindling.

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