Taylor Swift v Damon Albarn Idea Of The Lone Songwriter Is Outdated

Taylor Swift v Damon Albarn Idea Of The Lone Songwriter Is Outdated

Damon Albarn, the lead singer of Blur and Gorillaz was recently attack for his outdated views of modern songwriting. When he spoke to LA Times, Albarn explained that US Taylor Swift’s co-writing. Approach was at contrast to Albarn’s traditionalist view of writing songs. Albarn went on to explain co-writing doesn’t count as songwriting.

The practice of blaming fellow musicians for not creating their own songs is not a good idea for musicians especially. Since the concept that a songwriter can write has become more fluid with time. And is heavily influence by the music genre. Music for pop is usually compose in collaboration and the teams that compose it are growing larger. In fact, an analysis conducted of Music Week magazine suggests. That it is now taking the average of four and a quarter writers to make a hit song.

The process of making songs has been integrate with and fought against the industrialisation that is the industry of music. And it has evolved alongside technological advances as well in manufacture and distribution

Authorship is at the center of the debates surrounding songwriting partially due to the concept of the creative author. Where the songwriter thought of as the main creator of the band or the artist. The majority of artists’ revenue from music comes from the royalties. They earn from songwriting and sharing authorship is one method of rewarding musicians who are instrumental in the success of a song.

The Artist-Singer Outdated

The idea of the singer-songwriter in the traditionalist manner that we have in the present. Think Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Dolly Parton was born in the 1960s and the into the 1970s. Folk music was a popular genre that was incorporate into the evolution in rock and roll music. This was follow by the notion of authenticity.

This was a test for Tin Pan Alley writing that involved musicians working with the songwriters. To produce music hits for artists who recorded and performed. Another conveyor belt system which built tracks by transferring them from studio to according. To which studio had the best-suit session players performed was also consider an alternative to.

This technique was employed by labels such as Motown across the US that transferred tracks. Recorded across Detroit as well as those on the West Coast, building on them in between the two cities. This can be a disempowering experience for musicians, as they often didn’t have an understanding of the song they contributed to and were only able to hear the final version of the track after they released it.

This notion of authenticity became crucial to musicians from both sides of the spectrum. Chuck Berry was regarded as real, for instance and also Bob Dylan, whereas a majority of the music thought to be pop wasn’t. The most authentic band in the UK at the time was The Beatles.

Although they initially started by doing covers, they quickly established a style that was distinctive outdated while paying tribute to their predecessors. Songs often dealt with their personal thoughts or circumstances. This kind of songwriting is popular in DIY and indie communities of today.

Complex Collaborations

Modern songwriting has advanced even more, with musicians working with studio technology at the beginning of their process. A song could be constructed using beats. The beatmaker is believe to be a part of the composition team which could also comprise arrangers, producers, as well as chorus experts. Kanye West, as an instance has credited 21 musicians on his track from 2015, All Day. It’s a stark contrast from what we think of as traditional music traditional way of writing music.

In my book about audio engineering and production every writer on these intricate studio tracks is an expert in their area. They not only have the technical expertise, but are also aware about the most recent underground sounds which is why, in this manner they have a lot of things in the same way as Motown writers and the Tin Pan Alley teams or the Motown writers.

If we describe songwriting as the making of songs when before there were no outdated concepts, then everyone who is involve in the process of creating the song is a song songwriter. It doesn’t matter if they’re written by a team working on an assembly line or by an individual artist, they’re still incredibly creative combinations of rhythms, music and words.

Taylor Swift began her professional life as a country music singer and to achieve any respect in that competitive music scene it was essential for her be able to compose a song and then carry it as an artist. Most likely, Damon Albarn knows this. His skills as a songwriter have expanded to include a variety of techniques and musical influences. Both are superb songwriters no matter their personal styles of working.