Bill Tapia was known for his flamboyance as well as for his masterful ukulele playing. It showed in the dapper way he dressed, in the customized cars he drove, and especially in his favorite musical instruments. Bill's signature ukulele is designed to be as flashy as he was - but Bill also demanded that it be elegant.

No detail was overlooked in bringing this beautiful ukulele into existence. It strikes the eye with a flourish guaranteed to quicken the pulse of every true ukulele lover.  From the gold finish tuners to the multi-strip white and abalone shell binding and fine solid mahogany grain that bursts through the "Bill Tapia Red" lacquer, each instrument is uniquely beautiful.

But the beauty doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find beauty in the way it feels in your hands, in the way it responds to your fingers on the Aquila strings and rosewood fretboard - and especially in the clear resonance of its voice.

Bill demanded that his signature ukulele embody quality, beauty, and smile-provoking playability.  That’s exactly what he got.

Bill Tapia Tenor Ukulele Features

     •     Custom-sized 27" Tenor

     •     14 Frets To The Body

     •     Aquila Strings

     •     Gold Finish Tuners

     •     Mahogany Body and Neck

     •     Rosewood Fingerboard

     •     Finished Matte Bridge

     •     Inlaid Position Guides On Fingerboard and Neck

     •     Multi-Strip Custom Decorative Binding

     •     Polished Fret Wires For Smoothness

     •     Red Lacquered Body with Black Glossy Headstock

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